Carpe Diem

An e-liquid with a mix of exotic dragon fruit, strawberry , ice cream, mango, watermelon and hints of pineapple. The smell of the bottle is fruity and sweet. When inhaled the feeling is fruity and full of sweet creams. The aftertaste that leaves in the mouth is exotic but sweet in the same time. Suitable for anyone who loves sweet and exotic fruits.


A juicy combination of lime, strawberry, pomegranate, white cream and mint. 
Let the flavors’ party begin.

Granny's muffins

we are not your granny but we made for you the perfect granny’s muffins. You feel a mixture of yellow cake, apple, cinnamon rolls, donuts and sweetened milk. Incredible?

Lucky Yogurt

A tasty combination of yogurt, berry crumch, delicious grapes, hints of strawberry and fine white creme. And all this in the most balanced proportions.

Mammy's Muffins

The modern edition of granny’s muffins is here to surprise you. The all time classic cinnamon and apples, are absolutely combined with the sweetness of a creamy cake.