Grannys Milk v2

Nothing matches the strawberry when it comes to bright, juicy flavor, however the addition of vanilla and milk elevate it to gourmet status! Inspired by the refreshing, creamy, dreaminess of strawberries and cream, this confection will sweeten your day and tantalize the senses!


We didn’t name this liquid randomly “secret”. Its combination is our secret and you have to taste it if you want to explore it. It’s tobacco but no tobacco. It’s sweet but not the common sweet. The rest we cannot reveal it, just give it a trial if you are a premium liquid explorer.

Atmos Blend

A well-balanced combination of Virginia tobacco, a delicious hazelnut and fine caramel. Suitable for those who are looking for a all time classic liquid but with some kinky hints!

Mad Day

Like BLOOD MOON , MAD DAY also, is a strong eliquid suitable for winter combining cheesecake, fine French vanilla with hints of pineapple. Are you ready for winter party nights?

Grand Banned

Creams, peanut butter and banana.

Blood Moon

A tasty combination of vanilla custard, fine pralines, brown sugar, hints of velvet cake and crunchy biscuit. A strong e- liquid made for strong vapers. It is highly recommended during winter period.

Mad Night

Mad night is another premium liquid from MAD JUICE; an absolutely tobacco flavor eliquid. Imagine fresh cigar leafs mixed with the finest pipe tobacco in a bottle of liquid. And all this in the most balanced proportions. Who want to taste it?

Open Window

Juicy with seven surprising Fruits and Bubble Gum. This liquid is a sweet and fruity rendition that makes the mouth happy without having to chew. The taste of big pink bubbles is captured in every drop of this e juice to entice the taste buds, making Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum the most satisfying flavor to vape.

Strawberry Jam

The best way to start your day with a feast of strawberry marmalade.


Homemade cake with hidden cream hit.

Supreme Plus

Smooth tobacco with caramel, vanilla, cookie and coconut 70VG / 30PG 


Strawberry, hazelnut.


Our Banana Biscuit Bread Vape Juice is a complex dessert vape that showcase mouth-watering flavors just like warm homemade Banana Biscuit Caramel bread straight out of the oven! The top note on this juice is predominantly banana, and on the exhale, warm homemade moist biscuit bread with hints of caramel shines and stays through the after taste. You will never need to bake again. This Vape Juice is Spot on taste and produce thick clouds of vape. All of our juices are freshly mixed when you order so you will never get any old product from us.

Sex on The coil v.2

Sweet, luscious, delicious mixed berries! The individual flavor of each berry melds together to create flavor magic! Sometimes customers talk about a sorbet with berry mix taste.

Granny's ripe

An e-liquid with a mix of sweetened milk, biscuits, vanilla, strawberry and cream.
The smell from the bottle is a dream, something inexplicably sweet. When inhaled the feeling is creamy and full of sweet strawberries flavor; it reminds me strongly of nesquik strawberry with a more aromatic ending that does not bother at all. On exhalation strawberry becomes more intense and you feel a little bit the biscuit which completes the taste, while in the exhalation from the nose, strawberry has the aromatic character which had during inhalation also. The aftertaste that leaves in the mouth is creamy and sweet. Suitable for anyone who loves creams and sweet flavors.

Same with you

There’s some real custard going on with this delicious coconut flavor infused with luxurious caramel. It’s a unique flavour that just rolls off the taste buds leaving behind a heady aftertaste of sweet coconut. It has an almost perfume odor and the coconut is subtle, but just enough to give you a twizzle. 


Is a complex blend of mouthwatering flavors. The initial flavor is a beautifully creamy custard which then develops into a sweet strawberry flavor on the exhale. It is widely regarded as an excellent all day vape, and we totally agree.

Best man

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The combination of these three classic flavors, are beautifully blended in an 70/30 VG/PG blend to keep you blowing yummy clouds all day and night! The inhale contains a strong strawberry presence with a smooth chocolate exhale, while maintaining the perfect volume of vanilla notes throughout the vape.

Apple Paradise

We present you the original Narghile (hookah) flavor. Double apple is a delicious combination of fresh green apples and juicy sweet red apples, with a touch of anise in the best quantity making the eliquid irresistible and protecting your coils.


With EDEM eliquid you may find your heaven on earth! This irresistible, watermelony sweet vape with the intense taste of dragon fruit is tough to put down and is just one of the flavors that put MAD JUICE on the map. EDEM has a cool, refreshing watermelon and dragon fruit inhale that finishes off smooth and sweet with the hints of mango and pineapple. 

La frozzo

The absolute summer e-liquid from MAD JUICE is here. Fresh homemade lemonade combined with caramel, mature mandarins, strawberries and cool mint create the must e-liquid for the summer or even for winter period.

Sweet Treat

Sweet treat e- liquid is one of the top juices from MAD JUICE series. From your very first vape, your taste buds will be treated to vanilla custard with a splash of gourmet cookies and undertones of sweet caramel. 


MAD JUICE e-liquid offers a tobacco taste that is reminiscent of one of the famous TRIBECA. Solid hit and excellent vapor production.

Fruit Salad

This fruit mix e-liquid is a perfect fruity bomb combining a number of Mediterranean and some hints of exotic and tasty fruits to deliver a refreshing, sweet taste with every throat hit. See which fruits you can taste!

Mad Base

Base for DIY E-Liquids 80%VG / 20%PG